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A mobile application (or “app”), is program developed for use on a mobile phone. Apps are made available to device users through use the manufacturer's virtual shop (ie Android market or iphone app store.) Apps are developed for a variety of different purposes such as routing traffic, payment systems, or gaming.

Your app will be available for BOTH Google Android and Apple iOS mobile operating systems.

Yes, there are fees associated with publishing a new app inside of both app stores. HOWEVER, APP RENTALS PAYS ALL ANNUAL PUBLISHING FEES FOR YOU!

The best apps are designed for the purpose of solving a problem. Most successful apps engage customers, enhance user experience, or simply promote a brand.

Step 1. Pat yourself on the back. The fact that you're reading this proves that you’ve already achieved the most integral 1st step; you’ve discovered App Rentals! Now that you’ve found yourself exactly where you need to be, either pickup the phone and call: +1(310)575-1857, or send a quick email to . An App Rentals team member will happily to answer any questions you might have. From there, simply let us know what you’re ultimately looking to accomplish and we’ll start working towards a solution.

Our prices start at $99 per month but that’s not to say the “Basic” $99/mo package is right for everyone. One of the largest differentiators between App Rentals and EVERYONE ELSE, is our innate ability to be flexible in terms of payment or pricing. Simply put, highly customized apps cost more than a simple ones but we will also rarely ever lose when it comes to price.

A rented app is exactly that, rented... A major differentiator between App Rentals and other less flexible application development firms is that we give you the freedom to try an app before you buy an app! Clients can either Rent, Buy, or Lease their mobile application. Once you’ve purchased an app, it’s yours to do with what you will!

Each of our 3 core service packages (Basic, Gold, Diamond), include daily technical support services, in addition to regular app updates. Check-out our pricing section for individual package details.

Depending on the overall sophistication of the app and the amount of customization required, completion timelines may vary, however 90% of our apps are completed within 3 business days. Once your app is created we’ll submit it back to you for review. Once you’ve approved the app we then submit it for publishing. Android apps are typically published within 1 business day but since Apple requires that every single new app be manually inspected prior to being published, it may take upwards of 15 business days before your app is also available inside of the itunes app store.

App Rentals provides 100% of the technical work! We construct the app from from your initial concept to finished product and then we take it one step further and even submit your app for publishing in the app stores! Prior to development, you’re assigned an implementation specialist. This specialist walks you through the entire process from start to finish. If your implementation specialist is not available then a member of our support team will be standing by to any questions or concerns you may have.

It’s YOUR APP and with that being said, you’ll always hold the final say on what’s contained inside of it!

Once again, it’s YOUR APP and you choose what graphics, color schemes, or layouts are contained within YOU APP! We encourage our clients to use their branded logo and content whenever and wherever possible inside of their app.

Each service packages varies slightly from the others but ALL packages receive a level of on-going support. Regardless of service package, implementation specialists are always assigned to every single project which App Rentals takes on, throughout the entire development process.

ZERO! We provide you w-regular update opportunities but once your app is operational, you’re not required to do anything! As long as your monthly payments are up to date, we’ll even continue to pay all of your annual app store publishing fees!

One word: “ABSOLUTELY!” We provide download stats and app analytics to any client who requests them! Analytics range from time spent in the app and total number of page views to details such as the number of views for specific content in the app, all of which can be used by you to improve upon future featured content!

The typical budget for a similarly designed customized mobile application would likely cost you somewhere between $15K - $30K!

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