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Today with the help of App Rentals, virtually anyone can create and launch their very own custom application for as low as $99 per month!
Our flexible payment plans enable any individual or business to rent, finance, or purchase their very own custom application.

We founded App Rentals because we believe that anyone with a vision should have the opportunity to see it through. Our mission is to empower each individual who’s ever thought or said, there should be an app for that.
We came up with a solution so that we could do more than just develop your app for you; once your app has been published to the app store, we continue to manage the hosting, add-ons, repairs, future upgrades an so much more! We become your team and stand behind you and your product.

In today’s market place, Mobile Apps have become a significant tool for business. From communication to transportation, the sky is the limit with the value that Mobile Application add daily as you navigate through life. Applications are slowly becoming a one-stop-shop and replacing websites faster than ever, but why doesn't every business have one?

The answer is simple; affordability. Having an experienced team develop a custom app can cost from thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. The risk of possibly forgoing a return on investment or not seeing immediate results when investing a high cash volume is the central motive as to why businesses tend to stay out of the app market. Why not push innovation without the risk? Our services allow your business to own an app for as low as $99 per month.

Yes, that is right; for only $99 you can RENT-TO-OWN your personally designed, fully customized App built in correlation with your specifications.

What about aspiring entrepreneurs? Our Startup POC (Proof-of-Concept) package opens up a world of opportunity for individuals looking to raise capital for the next unicorn app!

If you’ve got a great idea but lack the funding to materialize that dream to reality, through our Startup POC package, our team will commit to application development, business strategizing, marketing and customer acquisition while allowing you to the opportunity to choose to buy or lease with several monthly payment options.

We are quickly becoming the fastest growing Mobile Apps Developer Service. Our dashboard was created with simplicity in mind for users with little technical knowledge or programming skills. We create Android & iPhone applications for smartphones and publish directly to Google Play & iTunes. Our clients do not have to spend valuable time figuring out how to build an app with limited templates—as with other competing services—we do all the work for you! Using our script and selecting from samples and colors, then uploading all of the necessary information gives us the thumbs up to start creating your app and delivering it within a few days!

Why App Rentals?

Other providers build Html5 Hybrid Apps that clients pay monthly fees for but can never actually own the intellectual property. The apps that we build are yours and belong to you. You can rent your app on a short three month contract, you can choose to lease on a yearly plan (as if you would lease a car) or you can use our popular Lease 2 Buy option where if you see that your App is exactly what you need, you can Buy it with a Payoff price of only $1995.00. We guarantee that this is the only place you can find an affordable service with high quality development, functionality and design.

How is this possible?

Our team consist of over hundreds of top-skilled developers with Headquarters in Los Angeles and Switzerland and through our proven system of over 18 years of Tech experience, we are able to delegate tasks to our large team 24/7 to deliver a high volume of applications in such short time!

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