Startup POC (Proof-of-Concept) Package

Is your concept the next Unicorn? Do you have a unique idea for an app but can't get funding without a demo? For entrepreneurs or anyone with a good idea for an application, let us build your Proof of Concept!

Whether you're seeking investment, aiming to push a first generation app out to market for customer acquisition, or just looking to test a concept, contact us for a made-to-order specially customized package: (Phone Number)

Why App.Rentals?

At App.Rentals we believe that everyone has a unique and innovative purpose to contribute to society--but unfortunately, not everyone has the funds to make these dreams a reality. We started this company with the mission of equipping everyone with the resources and a dedicated team to back ventures and build successful businesses at the lowest cost for entrepreneurs. We do this by overlooking the market quota and giving you the minimal evaluation for the highest quality product!

Although we pride our selves on low prices for high quality applications, we understand that everyone has different financial obligations and restrictions, so we allow you to buy, rent, or lease your app! Bad credit or no credit, we believe in innovations, so we work with your individual financial situation to ensure that you have a product you can take to market or investors!

Get Funding from Investors:

When it comes to securing funding from Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists, a good idea simply will not cut it; in most cases, you need both a product and proof of concept. Many times, entrepreneurs will have brilliant ideas but without capital they are unable to create the product for demo purposes, never mind growing the business or securing users. This Catch 22 dilemma is the issue we are solving with the Startup POC Package; flexible and affordable app development with an experienced support and marketing team behind you to drive initial users to your app!

Work with our Developers and Marketing Team to Build BOTH Your Product and 'Proof of Concept':

The Startup POC package ensures you have a team behind you to support you in building a great product and market it to interested users! The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make from the start is becoming too product driven and losing focus of customer acquisition and market reach. While it's important to have an excellent product, it is just as--if not more important--to validate a 'proof of concept' and grow an audience that will entice serious investors. Allocating funding to gaining traction and acquiring users can be expensive. Our team will market your product at your budget.

Launch your Tech Startup:

Take your startup for concept to market and make our team your team! With over seasoned 1,200 developers working round-the-clock, you'll gain the expertise and support of our accomplished staff with prompt delivery and a cost that won't break the bank.

Startup POC (Proof-of-Concept) Package:

  • Everything from Gold Pack
  • Dedicated Marketing Manager
  • Startup Funding E-Book

Lease Your Custom App:

  • 30% down payment and we'll customize a 1-2 year payment plan for you app.
  • Save 20% by signing up for a 1 year payment plan. [Recommended]

HHC INCUBATOR/Sweat For Equity

  • Do you have a strong business model?
  • Is their a need for the value your unique idea brings?
  • If your business meets our criteria, we are open to helping you build your app FREE OF CHARGE in exchange for equity in your company.
  • If you qualify, we will have a hands on roll in building your Application and connecting you with investors.
  • Contact us with your executive summary and business plan.

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